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Research Area: Cell-Fluid-Matrix Interactions

Biological tissues and engineered biomaterials consist of cell, porous extracellular matrix, and interstitial fluid filling the pores of the matrix.  Complex and highly dynamic interactions among these regulate various physiological and pathological processes in stromal tissues such as wound healing and cancer metastasis.  We are both experimentally and theoretically studying these biophysical...
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Research Area: Tumor-Microenvironment-On-Chip

TMOC slider
Advance of cancer treatment and personalized medicine depends on rapid and effective drug screening. In vitro assays currently used for this purpose can be convenient and high-throughput but the results are often not indicative of in vivo or clinical outcomes due to lack of culture settings specific to tumor microenvironment.  Although a small animal model can provide a more realistic tumor mi...
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Research Area: 3D Printing of Hydrogel-based Soft Materials

Figure6AB Droplet3DProfiles
Recent developments of polymer sciences enable numerous novel materials whose properties can be designed and tailored for a wide variety of applications including tissue engineering, drug delivery, and energy storage and conversion. However, integrating these novel materials into 3D configurations with spatially varying functional properties is still extremely challenging.  We are curr...
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