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Group Photo in 01/29/16
Group Photo of 01/29/16

Current Members

BH-2013-AcornBumsoo Han (CV)
Principal Investigator
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Univeristy of Minnesota
Articles by Han in PubMed
Han’s Academic Genealogy





Altug Ozcelikkale
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue



Mike Bradney


Michael Bradney
Graduate Student
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue





Michael Linnes
Research Scientist
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, University of Washington



Hye-Ran Moon


Hye-Ran Moon
Graduate Student
MS, Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea





Victoria Noe-Kim
Undergrad Student
Nuclear Engineering, Purdue





Jingyi Qin
Undergrad Student
Biomedical Engineering, Purdue


Anna Zhuang


Meng (Anna) Zhuang 
Graduate Student
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue




Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Altug Ozcelikkale (2015-2017), Currently Postdoc Fellow at the University of Maryland
  • Seungman Park (2014-2015), Currently Postdoc Fellow at Johns Hopkins University
  • Gyuyoung Yun (2014-2015), Currently Principal Researcher at LG Electronics
  • Bongseop Kwak (2011-2013), Currently Senior Researcher at Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM)
  • Sinwook Park (2009-2011), Currently Research Scientist at Technion, Israel

Ph.D. Graduates

  • Altug Ozcelikkale (2015), Currently Postdoc Fellow at Han Group
  • Soham Ghosh (2014), Currently Postdoc Fellow at the University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Seungman Park (2014), Next position was Postdoc Fellow at Han Group.
  • Willard Hanson (2009), Last known position was a Research Associate at UT-Arlington.

M.S. Graduates

  • Taylor J. Thompson (2015), Currently at Vention Medical
  • Kyeonggon Shin (2015), Currently at Hyundai Mobis
  • Angela Seawright (2013), Currently at GE Healthcare
  • Lacey Mlcak (2010), Currently at Halliburton
  • Tenok DeHoyos (2009), Currently at Lockheed Martin
  • Ka Yaw Teo (2009), Pursued PhD study at Purdue University.
  • Jeffrey Miller (2006), Pursued PhD study at Auburn University.
  • Jun K. Jung (2006), Pursued PhD study at RPI.
  • Chou-Li Wang (2006), Technical Support Engineer at ASML Global Support Center, Netherland.

Undergraduates and Non-thesis Master Students

  • Victoria Noe-Kim (2012-2016)
  • Brett Klosterhoff (2013-2014), Currently PhD student at Georgia Tech.
  • Caroline Wilmes (2012-2014), Currently Test Engineer at Epic.
  • Kevin Blum (2011-2012), Currently MD/PhD student at the Ohio State University.
  • JinGyu Ock (2011), Pursued PhD study at UT-Austin.
  • Angela Seawright (2010-2011), Pursued MS study at Han Group.
  • Ka Yaw Teo (2006-2008), Pursued MS study at Han Group.
  • Najma Abdollahzadeh (2008)
  • Min-Long Wang (2006)