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Drug and nanomedicine screening platforms

A review paper by Altug, Hye-ran and Michael regarding microfluidic platforms to screen anti-cancer drugs and nano therapeutics is published in WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology. In vitro microfluidic models of tumor microenvironment to screen transport of drugs and nanoparticles Altug Ozcelikkale, Hye-ran Moon, Michael Linnes and Bumsoo Han ABSTRACT Advances in nanote...
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Tunable Cellular Microenvironment

A collaborative paper with Professor Hyunjoon Kong's group at UIUC regarding precise control of cellular microenvironment via tissue-on-chip approach is accepted in ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering. Modulation of Matrix Softness and Interstitial Flow for 3D Cell Culture Using a Cell-Microenvironment-on-a-Chip System Nicholas Edwin Clay, Kyeonggon Shin, Altug Ozcelikkale, Min Kyun...
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Cellular Poroelasticity during Freezing

Our work regarding cytoplasmic fluid-structure interaction during cryopreservation of cells and engineered tissues is published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Role of intracellular poroelasticity on freezing-induced deformation of cells in engineered tissues Soham Ghosh, Altug Ozcelikkale, J. Craig Dutton, Bumsoo Han Abstract Freezing of biomaterials is important in a w...
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Cell adhesion and migration on nanopetal

A collaborative paper with Professor Tim Fisher's group on adhesion and migration of cells on graphitic nanopetal structures is published in Materials Letters. Guidance of cell adhesion and migration by graphitic nanopetals on carbon fibers Soham Ghosh, Guoping Xiong, Timothy S. Fisher and Bumsoo Han Abstract Carbon-based nanomaterials have emerged in a wide variety of applications because...
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Simulation of Collective Chemotaxis

A collaborative paper with Professor Andrew Mugler's group in Physics is published in Biophysical Journal, and the result is highlighted at the Journal website (Video).   Collective Chemotaxis through Noisy Multicellular Gradient Sensing Julien Varennes, Bumsoo Han, Andrew Mugler Abstract Collective cell migration in response to a chemical cue occurs in many biological proces...
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